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    Party Construction

    With ingenuity serves CCP, we are standing on the forefront of pursuing the dream for a century, forging ahead, making great efforts, and achieving the Chinese dream with the essence of the century-old dream

    Party Organization Profile

    Jinggong established the Youth League branch in January 1990, and was upgraded it to the general branch in August of that year, with three League branches under its jurisdiction. In 2002, it was upgraded to the League committee, with 4 secondary League committees and 20 League branches under its jurisdiction.The Party branch was established in 1972, in August 1997, it is upgraded to the Party committee, at present, the Party committee subordinates 4 secondary Party committee, with a general Party branch and 21 branches. The Party school, is the only Zhejiang "double management" non-public enterprise Party organization in Keqiao district, and was awarded the Zhejiang provincial top Party organization and Shaoxing five-star Party organization. Now, the Group Party committee has firmly established the political core role of the Party organization in corporate governance, and carried out the decision of appointing the Party secretary as the chairman of the board. 

    In the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Group Party committee will adhere to the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress as a guidance, actively carry out the practice activity of "Two Studies and One Action", further improve the Party spirit of members, be brave and pioneering, forge ahead and make efforts, and contribute to the Chinese dream with excellence and success for a century! 

    The Party committee: Coordination mechanism of major Party construction

    Set up a coordination mechanism for major Party construction, as well as a combination of the Party and the masses and coordination between the upper and lower levels like working pattern with positions held concurrently, interconnected cooperation, resources sharing, and organize joint activities, to help to effectively improve the combat capacity, influence and appeal of the organization!

    Party committee of Jinggong science and technology: united front liaison mechanism

    Based on the first non-public enterprise interface location of united front work in Shaoxing, it adheres to the policy of united front of people in the new social stratum of "fully respect, widely contact, strengthen unity and be enthusiasm to help, actively guide" , completing the tasks of reserving non-Party cadres and the construction of the new social class, promoting the meritorious deeds, as well as the training, selection and recommendation of the talents.

    Party committee of Jinggong holdings: combat corruption and uphold integrity

    In line with the effective implementation of the Party Central Committee's strict discipline and anti-corruption, the Party committee of the company advocates a corporate culture and working atmosphere equipped with honesty, integrity and integrity in order to cultivate good professional ethics and code of conduct for the management personnel and employees, and sets up an anti-fraud office under the discipline inspection commission to carry out various anti-fraud tasks. After the fraud cases are verified, the employees who commit shall be punished and the results shall be reported to the Group and the necessary external third party.

    Party committee of Jinggong steel structure: joint construction mechanism of project department and the branch

    According to the characteristics of wide distribution of projects and large flow of members, to build the Party branch along with the project. For example, national sports department (Bird's Nest) project department,  HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong tourist inspection building project department, Beijing new airport project department.The project construction conducted with the establishment of branch, and members in the front line of projects to play a pioneering and exemplary role, influencing and leading people around to carry out entrepreneurship and innovation.

    Kuaijishan Party committee: working mechanism of the special committee for members

    The special committee for Party member activities is led by the Party committee member of the company and serves as the director of each special committee. In accordance with the principle of voluntary, professional counterpart and coordination of members, it has successively set up four sub-committees, namely, skill strategic pass committee, quality safety committee, income increase and expenditure reduction committee, and supervision and management committee.The establishment of the special committee enables the Party construction and enterprise operation form a working mechanism of "joint management and responsibility", so as to better serve the overall development of the enterprise.

    Three committees and One Lesson

    Party lesson

    Party group committee

    Branch committee

    Two Studies and One Action
    Promote "Two Studies and One A
    To carry out the "Two Studies and One Action" education is an important deployment to strengthen the Party's ideological and political construction, and a powerful tool to outspread the concept of“?run the Party strictly” to grassroots.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the base of "Two Studies and One Action" is to study, and the key point is to practice,that is, to study deeply and do well.
    Since the "Two Studies and One Action" was actively carried out in Jinggong, the Party committee of the Group has attached great importance to it, constantly innovated education mode, actively adopted various measures, and promoted the in-depth implementation of education activity in the subordinate party committee and the general branch. By the education, members and cadres of the Group are encouraged to study the Party constitution consciously, strictly abide by all disciplines, practically improve their work style, and establish a party member team with firm ideology, strict organizational discipline and outstanding competence, providing strong guarantee for the development of the Group.
    There are five aspects to be d
    1. Guide members to be equipped with political awareness and keep political nature;
    2. Keep abreast with the Party Central Committee, the party's theories, principles and policies, and be politically intelligent;
    3. Keep close contact with the masses and serve the people wholeheartedly;
    4. Strengthen Party spirit training and moral cultivation, be in awe and hold a ruler in hand, and be honest in politics and strict with family members;
    5. Keep the spirit of entrepreneurship and pioneering, which can be seen from ordinary times, and rush up at the critical moment.
    To be a qualified Party member
    Keep "four standards"
    Be political and faithful,
    Be well-disciplined,
    Be Moral and well-behaved,
    Be dedicated and productive
    To study Xi’s series speech
    1. Learn from General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thoughts on stable reform and development, internal affairs, foreign affairs, national defense, and running of Party, state and army
    2. Learn new concepts, new ideas and new strategies for the governance of the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core.
    3. Combine the study of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping’s theory, three represents theory and the scientific outlook on development. Distinguish ordinary member and cadre, to decide the content to learn.
    Study Party Constitution
    1. Clarify basic standards, establish codes of conduct, and read the Party Constitution sentence by sentence;
    2. Study the rules and regulations of the Party seriously;
    3. Learn the Party's history, revolutionary ancestors and advanced models;
    4. Learn from the illegal cases such as Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai, Xu Caihou, Guo Boxiong and Ling Jihua to keep the bottom line.
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